It’s that time of the year. The NBA playoff matchups are set. Take a look at the matchups and games:




(1) Milwaukee Bucks vs. Detroit Pistons

Gm.1 Sun. @ Bucks

Gm.2 Wed. @ Bucks

Gm.3 Sat. @ Pistons

Gm.4 Mon. @ Pistons


(2) Toronto Raptors vs. (7) Orlando Magic

Gm.1 Sat. @ Raptors

Gm.2  Tue. @ Raptors

Gm.3 Fri. @ Magic

Gm.4 Sun. @ Magic


(3) Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets

Gm.1 Sat. @ 76ers

Gm.2 Mon. @ 76ers

Gm. 3 Thur. @ Nets

Gm.4 Sat. @ Nets


(4) Boston Celtics vs. (5) Indiana Pacers

Gm.1 Sun. @ Celtics

Gm.2 Wed. @ Celtics

Gm.3 Fri. @ Pacers

Gm.4 Sun. @ Pacers



(1) Golden State Warriors vs. L.A. Clippers

Gm.1 Sat. @ Warriors

Gm.2 Mon. @ Warriors

Gm.3 Thur. @ Clippers

Gm.4 Sun. @ Clippers


(2) Denver Nuggets vs (7) San Antonio Spurs

Gm.1 Sat. @ Nuggets

Gm.2 Tue. @ Nuggets

Gm.3 Thur. @ Spurs

Gm.4 Sat @ Spurs


(3) Portland Trailblazers vs. (6) Oklahoma City Thunder

Gm.1 Sun. @ Blazers

Gm.2 Tue. @ Blazers

Gm.3 Fri. @ Thunder

Gm.4 Sun. @ Thunder


(4) Houston Rockets vs. (5) Utah Jazz

Gm.1 Sun. @ Rockets

Gm.2 Wed. @ Rockets

Gm.3 Sat. @ Jazz

Gm.4 Mon. @ Jazz



*Games 5-7 If Necessary 











Remember that scene in “The Wire” when “D” was trying to explain the rules of the game of Chess to Wallace and Bodie? The youngins wanted to know what happens to the pieces that survive the game. Will they become the King? D explained to them that the King will always be the King. Period. Well, that was the message that Lebron James sent to the Boston Celtics and the rest of the league last night. “The King will always be the King.”





Love him or hate him, you have to respect what Lebron James means to the game of basketball. I’m old enough to remember Michael Jordan’s greatness. I’m old enough to remember Kobe Bryant’s greatness. I’m even old enough to remember Dr. J’s greatness. (Just the Philly years) I’m old enough to say what I’m about to say with full confidence because I have witnessed different eras of basketball with my own two eyes, and not by YouTube videos and Google searches. “We are witnessing greatness firsthand.” This statement is not to take anything away from the Kobe’s, MJ’s, Doc’s, Magic’s, Bird’s, Shaq’s, and Hardaway’s (Penny and Tim sr.), of NBA history, but Lebron James’ greatness stands out above all for one reason. I have never seen an NBA player take a group of absolute trash so far in my life! This is not the first time Lebron James has taken a can full of trash this far in his career either. This man put this Cavs team on his back and carried them to the NBA Finals. MJ had Pippen. MJ’s role players were not great, they also were not that shit Lebron James played with in these playoffs either. Kobe got his with Shaq and others with Paul Gasol. His role players were not great, they also were not that shit Lebron James carried on his back throughout these 2018 NBA playoffs either. Argue, agree, love him, or hate him. If we’re being 100% genuine, we can all agree that what we are witnessing in 2018 as we watch a 34-year old Lebron James out there battling 20-something’s every night, is nothing short of greatness.




For maybe only the second time since I’ve seen the Celtics in these playoffs, their age and lack of playoff experience were on full display. And that didn’t really kick in until it became painfully obvious that Bron was having “one of those nights.” The Celtics began to look unsure of themselves all of a sudden, and “the little engine that could” finally broke down, on the way to a low scoring 87-79 game-7 “L” to the visiting Cleveland Cavs. Rookie, Jason Tatum led the way for the Celtics with 24 points. Al Horford had 17 and Marcus Morris had 14. The game was played tightly. By “tightly”, I mean that everyone seemed to be on edge. The Celtics did not come out and play like they had nothing to lose, which has been their usual. Last night they played like they had everything to lose. The difference in approaches to the game showed too. Lebron dropped 35, 15, and 9. He came up one assist shy of another playoff triple-double. Jeff Green showed up big in his second game replacing Kevin Love, who is out and in the concussion protocol. Green had 19 pts. and 8 boards. J.R. Smith had 12 and Tristan Thompson added 10 points to go along with 9 rebounds. Bron didn’t have much help last night, but at times it seemed like he wasn’t looking for any. HE was determined to beat the Celtics last night. F*ck what everyone else was doing. Beat the Celtics he did. Cleveland is on their way to another NBA Finals, where they will face the winner of game-7 between the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets. A game that will be played in Houston.






To be the champs, you gotta beat the champs. That’s what they always say right? You didn’t really think the defending Eastern Conference Champs were going down without a fight did you? I ain’t gonna lie. After those first two games of this series, I did. But there’s a reason why Lebron is nicknamed “The King”, and just in case you may have forgotten, Lebron James reminded us all why, once again last night.




The Cavs pulled off a game-6 victory on their home court last night, even without the help of their second top scorer on the squad, Kevin Love, who only played 5 minutes last night. Love went down after a brutal head-to-head collision with Boston’s Jason Tatum early on in the 1st quarter. He was taken off the court with concussion-like symptoms. Jeff Green stepped in to replace Love. Honestly, it didn’t matter if it was Jeff green, Moe Green, or Al Green who stepped in when Kevin Love went down, last night the King was determined not to be eliminated on his home court. Lebron put up 46 points 11 rebs. and 9 ast to help Cleveland force a game-7 in Boston. George Hill stepped up big-time for the Cavs as he added 20 and Jeff Green filled in for Love nicely with a 14 point 3 reb effort. Larry Nance Jr. also put up nice numbers in extra minutes on the floor last night. He dropped in 10 points and added 7 rebs. Terry Rozier led the way for Boston with 28 points. Jalen Brown added 27 for the “C’s”. And just as I predicted very early on in the series, Al Horford pretty much disappeared. Yeah, he had 6 points and 9 rebounds, but none of his stats were impactful. He was prtty much just out there.




I don’t have a prediction for game-7. None of these individual games have really been close in this series. Boston looked like an all-star team on their home court, and looked like some shit on the road. The same thing applies for Cleveland. So, if we’re going by the history of this series, Boston should win game-7 of this series easily on their homecourt. The only question I have is can this young squad handle the pressure of a game-7, and facing a player in Lebron James who is averaging 40+ points in game-7’s in his career? WE WILL SEE. All I hope for is to finally get a tight game in this series! Here’s some highlights from last night’s game-6 in Cleveland:



Video courtesy: Rapid Highlights



Houston, TX




Is this really about to happen, or is this just another tease? Both favorite teams to reach the NBA finals this season, have their backs against the wall as they face an elimination game on their home courts. Cleveland put itself in this position in game-5 up in Beantown Wednesday night, and Golden State just did the same thing to themselves last night when they took an “L” in Houston. Are we going to have a Boston-Houston NBA finals this year. Marking the first time since 2014 that the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavs haven’t met in the finals, or is all of this just a tease?




Once again, Warriors guard Andre Igouldala’s absence seemed to play a huge part in this game. Especially when the second unit was out there. Igouldala has been a stabilizing presence and a key defensive piece for the Warriors throughout these playoffs. In another tight game, where I believe Iggy’s presence out there would’ve made a difference, the Houston Rockets pulled out a 98-94 victory at home, and put themselves one game away from reaching the NBA Finals for the first time since 1995.




The Rockets were led by Eric Gordon who dropped 24. Chris Paul had 20 and James Harden had 19. Clint Capela finally showed up and dropped in a double-double (14 pts. 12 reb.). Kevin Durant had 29 for the Warriors, in a losing effort. Klay Thompson had 23 and Steph Curry scored 22 points. The issue with Golden State, is an issue I’ve never seen out of this team before. Down the stretch when the game’s on the line, none of their stars seem to want the ball. KD is out there basically doing everything in his power to make sure that he doesn’t have to take the last clutch shot. Curry, Draymond, and Klay Thompson seem to disappear at clutch time also. There is no logical explanation as to why Jordan Bell was the person who’s taking a late-game shot when you have Curry, Thompson, Green, and freakin’ Kevin Durant in the game! In a game of this magnitude! There is no excuse for something like this. Golden State had better find their heart, and do it fast. If they don’t, they’re done. Houston is feeling more and more confident with every game that passes, and they’re going to be looking to take the Warriors out of here… their own house…….a thing the Rockets have done before, so I’m sure they’re feeling like they can do again. Here are the highlights from Game-5:



Video Courtesy: MLG Highlights