I’m usually down to watch just about anything on Netflix, or at least try to give a show or movie a shot before passing judgement. I usually try anything that’s recommended on the homepage in the featured box. When I read the description for this new series I decided…why not? I had just finished season 3 of Stranger Things (which was excellent, by the way), and I was looking for something else to watch.




I’m currently on episode 10 of 13, but the show is about a blind woman (Murphy) who is trying to find out who killed her best friend (Tyson). Tyson was selling drugs for his cousin (Darnell), when he suddenly disappeared one day. When Murphy doesn’t hear from Tyson after a few days, she’s certain that something bad has happened to him, even though Darnell and Tyson’s friends tell her that he’s out of town and not to worry. While taking a walk through the alley with her guide dog (Pretzel) one night, Murphy believes she’s stumbled upon Tyson’s dead body. (Remember she’s blind). She bends down and feels the face of the dead body lying beneath her, and believes that the corpse belongs to Tyson. Murphy goes to the police to let them know, but when they search the area, there is no body. Murphy is usually drunk, and add the fact that she’s blind to the equation, and you can see why people find her story of stumbling upon a corpse (that’s not there anymore) kind of hard to believe. Murphy knows that she’s right, so she goes out in search of clues, or the whereabouts of Tyson’s body……I’m not going to give the story away, but Tyson’s dead body eventually turns up and now Murphy is trying to get to the bottom of who killed her best friend and why he was killed. The storyline itself is excellent. The acting in the series is pretty good. The one problem I have is the main character Murphy. I don’t have an issue with the actress who played the role, I have an issue with the characteristics of the character Murphy. The whole promiscuous, drunk thing is a welcomed switch up from the normally helpless handicapped characters in movies. Murphy is also one of those snarky people. You know, the kind that always has some smart ass shit to say out of their mouths. That actually works for the character……..for about the first 3 episodes. After a while it gets irritating. Like, EXTREMELY irritating! Other than that, the show is pretty good and definitely worth a watch. I’ll give it a three and a half star rating out of five.




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This is not the type of series I’d usually watch. From the preview I just figured it was another one of those high school type of movies. It kinda was, but this one was actually pretty good….to me. This series is basically about three students who go to the same high school. One girl is the popular girl, one is the “loner” type, and to round out the trio, you have one girl who is the new student at the school who has no friends. Three very different types of people who you would think have nothing at all in common……until they discover that all three of them is in a program for people who have a shoplifting addiction. The 1st season is about 10 episodes. It’s a pretty good show. Worth checking out… my opinion. Trinkets is currently playing on Netflix. Check out the trailer below:




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I hate to be a promotion tool. Especially for someone who isn’t promoting anything that I’m selling……..BUT, when I run across a good show or movie, I like to let people know about it. This is a good series! A really good series! Remember that old movie with Demi Moore and Woody Harrelson, about a guy who offers a couple a million dollars to have sex with the wife for one night…..or something like that? Well, this series starts off with that being the premise of the story. But, as I quickly found it, the story is about so much more than just that. I’m currently on episode -5, so I won’t give any of the story away, but if you get a chance, this series is definitely worth a watch. There’s one season available on Netflix right now, with ten episodes. Each episode is about 45-50 minutes long. Check out the trailer for What/if currently showing on Netflix:



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