A pipe bomb strapped to a man’s body exploded in the subway near Times Square this morning. Police believe the pipe bomb exploded prematurely. It is believed that the suspect planned to place the bomb somewhere and then detonate it. Police have not revealed where the man planned to plant the bomb. The explosion injured four people, including the suspect. The suspect was identified as 27 year-old Akayed Ullah. Ullah is a citizen of Brooklyn.




Authorities said the bomb was a low-tech explosive device. Police sources have said that Ullah told them he made the homemade device at his place of employment. There is surveillance video that shows the 27 year-old walking through a subway tunnel, and a plume of white smoke appearing moments later.  Police are not sure if Ullah was recruited by a terrorist network, influenced by terrorist, or a lone wolf who saw a video on the internet about how to make a “pipe bomb” and acted on that. Ullah’s actions terrorized citizens of New York as they made their morning commutes to work. Make no mistake, this was a terrorist attack. Not saying terrorist attack, as in a person from another Country committing acts of terror on American soil, this is a terror attack because a person (regardless of race, religion, or Country of origin), planned to terrorize innocent people. And that is exactly what Ullah did this morning. For that reason alone, I label this as a terrorist attack.