WR Odell Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants have reached an agreement on a new deal for the all-star receiver. OBJ and the Giants reportedly agreed on a 5-year $95 million max contract. ESPN (@espn) reported, $65 million of that is guaranteed money. The staggering amount of guaranteed money is enough to make anyone say “Damn!” I agree….but I’m also saying damn for a whole different reason.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan it’s my duty to stay in tune with the “haps” in the NFC East. The Giants have always been an issue for me, even during seasons they were bad. The Giants have always had a very strange habit of coming out of nowhere and making some major noise in the division. A happy (and paid) OBJ can become a huge problem for the NFC East and probably the rest of the league too. Even with the “human trash can”, that is Eli Manning throwing him the ball, OBJ is a major threat. He can single-handedly make the Giants offense extremely dangerous. A guy with Becham’s skill set doesn’t necessarily need the ball in his hands to make a difference. Defenses need to double team OBJ on practically every play. This leaves one-on-one’s all over the field. Even Eli “The Trash Man” Manning will find it difficult to f*ck that up!

Make no mistake about it, the Giants are a team we need to keep our eyes on this season. OBJ has always put up BIG numbers, especially against us. Most of this happened when he was upset or unhappy about one thing or another. Imagine a healthy, focused, and most importantly, happy OBJ out there on Sundays. So, Congrats to OBJ and the New York Giants on the huge deal, but this could turn out to be a bigger deal for the rest of the NFC East….and not in a good way!



Clinching a first round bye should’ve been good news. After what I saw in yesterday’s victory over the lowly, injury plagued, New York Giants, I’m not so sure of that anymore.




The good: 1) The Eagles pulled out a victory in a tight 34-29 game yesterday. A game that could’ve easily been a letdown or trap game for the Birds. 2) The Eagles clinched a first round bye and guaranteed themselves at least one home game in the playoffs. (playing at the Linc is a huge advantage) 3) Nick Foles was not terrible. As a matter of fact he was damn good, even if it was against a bad Giants defense. Foles went 24-38 for 237 yards & threw for four Touchdowns, but more importantly, did not turn the ball over once. That’s pretty much the most you can ask of a backup QB who’s thrown into the fire in week #14 of an NFL season. A backup who had few, if any reps with the starting receiving corps all year.




Now for the bad. It’s just one thing. THE DEFENSE! How do you let an Eli Manning led, totally depleted, New York Giants offense put up 504 total yards and 29 points against you? It’s not like the Eagles defense has been terrible all year, or the Giants offense has been great. The very worst part about Eli Manning carving the Eagles defense up the way he did yesterday was how he did it. Passes right over the middle of the field. Short passes, medium passes, long passes. All of the damage was done right in the middle of the field. I’m having trouble understanding how the defense was not able to adjust to this simplistic offensive attack, even after the halftime break. One excuse I will give the Birds defense is that the Giants spent an enormous amount of time in a hurry up offense. Things like this won’t allow time for you to get your correct personnel into the game for certain defensive attacks. I understand that. But still, it was obvious that the middle of the field was Eli’s sweet spot from the very beginning of the game. And make no mistake, the defense came up with a huge game-winning stop at the end of the game, but the secondary of the Eagles was exposed….BIG TIME. They were jumping routes all day, and Eli was capitalizing off of their mistakes. It makes me question the secondary. Have they been getting by on the great play of the defensive line all year? Is the secondary really this terrible? I don’t know what’s going on, but the Eagles defense needs to figure it out, and do it quickly. Minnesota is still in hot pursuit of the home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. The Eagles have the inside track on that for now, but one loss could derail the whole thing. The Birds have games against Oakland and Dallas left on the schedule. With the loss against Dallas last night, it’s looking like Oakland won’t have much to play for. BUT Dallas is going to be a different story. Even if the Cowboys don’t have sh*t to play for when the Birds face them in the final game of the season, they will still love to beat their division rivals. Especially if the Eagles need that game to lock up home field throughout. Oh….and Zeke will be back, AND HE’S GOING TO BE PLAYING ANGRY! I’m happy the Eagles found a way to pull out a tough win yesterday, but I’m very cautious. Now is not the time for the defense to have a breakdown. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS, and I’m not sold on the Eagles defense being capable of pulling that off right now. I hope they prove me wrong though!


I knew it was coming. You knew it was coming. We all knew it was coming. This morning it was made official. The New York Giants have fired head coach Ben Mcadoo. The only question left unanswered is, couldn’t they have waited until the end of the season? The Giants only have four games left this season. And it’s not likie their fighting for anything…..except maybe the top pick in next year’s NFL draft.




Ian Rappaport (@RapSheet) was first to report the firing via Twitter


capture+_2017-12-04-11-50-47141249908..pngI believe Mcadoo knew that he was going to be fired long before today. I believe Ben Mcadoo knew that he was going to be fired even before yesterday’s game against the Raiders in which he benched long-time starting quarterback Eli Manning. As a matter of fact, I believe that Manning’s benching had more to do with the fact that Mcadoo knew of his pending job-layoff, more than anything else. It was probably Mac’s final slap in the face to Eli for being a garbage bag that lost him his job. Honestly, I believe Mcadoo was a goner after this season anyway. It really didn’t matter that he benched Eli Manning. Mcadoo’s firing was inevitable. I do believe that benching Eli Manning may have sped up the process, but Mac was gone after this year. The Giants have had an embarrassing season this year. The suits upstairs are desperately looking for someone to blame. Sh*t always rolls downhill not upward. Mcadoo wasn’t the only casualty in New York this morning. Ian Rappaport reported that GM Jerry Reese was also shown the door this morning.