WR Odell Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants have reached an agreement on a new deal for the all-star receiver. OBJ and the Giants reportedly agreed on a 5-year $95 million max contract. ESPN (@espn) reported, $65 million of that is guaranteed money. The staggering amount of guaranteed money is enough to make anyone say “Damn!” I agree….but I’m also saying damn for a whole different reason.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan it’s my duty to stay in tune with the “haps” in the NFC East. The Giants have always been an issue for me, even during seasons they were bad. The Giants have always had a very strange habit of coming out of nowhere and making some major noise in the division. A happy (and paid) OBJ can become a huge problem for the NFC East and probably the rest of the league too. Even with the “human trash can”, that is Eli Manning throwing him the ball, OBJ is a major threat. He can single-handedly make the Giants offense extremely dangerous. A guy with Becham’s skill set doesn’t necessarily need the ball in his hands to make a difference. Defenses need to double team OBJ on practically every play. This leaves one-on-one’s all over the field. Even Eli “The Trash Man” Manning will find it difficult to f*ck that up!

Make no mistake about it, the Giants are a team we need to keep our eyes on this season. OBJ has always put up BIG numbers, especially against us. Most of this happened when he was upset or unhappy about one thing or another. Imagine a healthy, focused, and most importantly, happy OBJ out there on Sundays. So, Congrats to OBJ and the New York Giants on the huge deal, but this could turn out to be a bigger deal for the rest of the NFC East….and not in a good way!



NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport (@RapSheet) reported, the Dallas Cowboys have parted ways with WR Dez Bryant this morning.



The now former Cowboys receiver will become a free agent and hit the open market. I don’t expect Dez to last on the market very long. He may have had a few down seasons with the Cowboys, but the 29-year old receiver can still be a valuable asset to most NFL teams. I’m not certain where Dez will land, but I’m 99% sure it likely will not be anywhere in the NFC East. Jerry Jones may have thought Dez wasn’t producing with the Cowboys anymore, but I’m sure that the last thing he wants to see is Dez Bryant twice a year.


The long running joke/question every other NFC East fan base loves to throw at Eagles fans every time an argument arises is valid no more. Yeah, but how many rings your team got? WE GOT ONE NOW BIAAAATCH! It’s been a long time coming for Eagles fans all over the Country and probably the world. It’s been a long time of feeling pain at the end of every season. It’s been a long time of “wait until next year” at the end of every season. It’s been a long time of feeling like we were cursed to never win a Super Bowl. It’s over now. THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS! HATE IT OR LOVE IT THE UNDERDOG’S ON TOP!!!!!




That old saying “defense wins championships” may need to be re-evaluated after what happened last night. The Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots 41-33 last night to bring the city its first Super Bowl title ever. There were 1151 combined yards of total offense in last night’s game. Tom Brady threw for over 500 and Nick Foles went for over 300. There was only one (1) punt in the whole game. That total of one is the combined total by both teams. The teams had a combined four (4) receivers who had more than 100 yards receiving. Nelson Aghalor had 9 receptions for 84 yards, almost making at 5. There was only one (1) interception in the game combined. And the teams combined for one (1) sack. Just one sack by both teams the entire game. That one sack and strip of the ball by Brandon Graham of the Eagles late in the fourth quarter may have been the play of the game. As a matter of fact, that play could very possibly have been the game winning play. So now that I think about it, that “defense wins championships” thing may still hold some truth to it after all. But if you’re the type of person who loves offense, you had to enjoy this game. Especially if you were just a fan of football and not a fan of the Patriots or Eagles. For fans of the two teams, this game was a heartattack waiting to happen!




If you are anything like me, you were cheering the whole game, but doing so with a very uneasy feeling the whole time. As Eagles fans, we have come to prepare ourselves for the inevitable heartbreak. I’ve been an Eagles fan since I was 7-years old. I’m 45-years old now. Every single season since I’ve been alive has ended with heartbreak. Why the hell would I believe that this season would be any different? As the game went on, the Eagles seemed to be setting its fans up for one of the biggest heartbreaks of all time. It seemed like everything was set up for another remarkable come from behind victory by Tom Brady and the unbeatable Patriots. Tom Brady would go on to become the most winningest player in any sport, surpassing Michael Jordan’s five championship wins in remarkable, comeback fashion. Everything was set up to go that way…..but strangely it didn’t. Tom Brady’s last second Hail Mary pass seemed to hang in the air forever before it came down and bounced off of a couple of players. After what felt like forever, the ball landed harmlessly on the turf. And a new Super Bowl Champion was crowned. Unbelievable!  One of the most remarkable things for me, was that, even if the Eagles had lost this game, it would’ve been very hard for me to complain about the officiating. You know there’s a long running conspiracy going around that things are always twisted in New England’s favor by the refs. There were two very controversial scores in last night’s game. The Corey Clements long touchdown catch and the Zach Ertz touchdown when the ball came free after he crossed the goal line. I’ve seen many games where plays like those have went the other way. Especially when a team was playing against the Patriots. Both of those calls went our way last night. It would’ve been very hard for me to complain if either touchdown had not gone our way. I’ve seen it go against the offense many times, just this season. The most memorable was the catch by Pittsburgh’s Tight End Jesse James that ended up going against the offense. Things went our way last night. It was destiny. It was our time.




The Philadelphia Eagles are no longer the NFC East’s long running joke. The Philadelphia Eagles may be on the cusp of beginning a dynasty. The Eagles are a young team and a lot of the players are locked into contracts at this point. Most of these guys will be back next season and beyond. Nick Foles’ future may be up in the air. After winning the Super Bowl, he’s sure to have a lot of people calling and asking about inquiring the Super Bowl MVP. It will be hard for the organization not to trade him. As great as he was in Carson Wentz’s absence, Nick Foles is the Eagles backup QB. Carson Wentz is the starter, and young franchise quarterback. You may want to make an argument about that, but those are the hard facts. Nick Foles’ value will never be higher than it is at this moment, and he’s our backup QB. It may be hard not to pull the trigger on a very beneficial trade for Foles. BUT all of that that is talk for another time. Right now, it’s time for the city to finally rejoice and enjoy the feeling of being a champion. THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. NOBODY DESERVES THIS MORE THAN THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA! IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME COMING!