Seattle, WA




The Seattle Seahawks and star QB Russell Wilson agreed to a contract extension on Tuesday morning. The four-year $140 million deal makes Wilson the highest paid athlete in the NFL.




ESPN (@espn) reported, Wilson’s new deal came with a $65 million signing bonus. With the extension, Wilson will now be with Seattle at least through the 2023 NFL season. At 30 years-old, the Seahawks have likely locked up Wilson throughout his prime years with this extension. Wilson’s new deal includes a no-trade clause. Wilson’s contract breaks down to roughly $35 million per season. He surpasses Aaron Rodgers who previously help the title as highest paid NFL player, with an average annual salary of roughly $33.5 million. Wilson and the Seahawks had a midnight (Monday/Tuesday) deadline to get the deal done. Wilson announced that the deal had been done via video he posted to Twitter at around 12:15 am.







Eagles fans have been yelling at the top of their lungs about the teams’ need for a solid RB since the end of last season. Tonight Eagles GM, Howie Roseman gave the fans what they’ve been asking for. The Eagles pulled of a trade for Chicago Bears star running back Jordan Howard. The price of admission was pretty cheap too. The Birds gave up a 2020 6th round pick that may move up to a 5th rounder for the Bears. That’s a steal to get the guy who will likely be the Eagles starting back next season. Howard will be another key piece added to the Birds arsenal. QB Carson Wentz will be surrounded by talent during the upcoming season. Desean Jackson, Alshon Jeffrey, Nelson Aghalor, Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedert, and I expect a healthy Corey Clements back by the start of the season. Remember that guy? With a healthy offensive line protecting him, Carson Wentz has every piece in place that he needs to succeed. Wentz is entering his 4th season as the starting QB. If Wentz can stay healthy, I expect that he will have an all-star caliber season. He has to. I’ve been an Eagles fan for a very long time. If there’s one thing I know about Philly fans, it’s that we’re very impatient and have a low tolerance for bullshit. The “he’s young and still learning” excuse won’t fly anymore.” Wentz’s success next season is going to be determined by wins and losses. Yardage, touchdowns, and QB rating stats are for losers. I’m going to go out on a limb here and call it now. The 2019-2020 season for the Eagles will be another Super Bowl or bust season. The Birds should’ve never gave us fans a taste of what it feels like to win it all, because now WE WANT MORE!!!!


Jupiter, Florida




The New England Patriots long-time owner will reportedly turn down the plea deal offered to him by prosecutors in Florida. Kraft, along with 24 (mostly unnamed) other co-defendants are accused of crimes related to an investigation and eventual raid at The Orchids Of Asia day spa in Jupiter Florida. The spa has been reportedly connected to a human trafficking ring. As for Kraft himself, the six time Super Bowl champion owner, has been charged with two counts of solicitation. Kraft allegedly visited the spa to grab himself a few cheap handy dandy’s……on two occasions. One of Kraft’s visits allegedly took place on the morning his team was set to compete in the AFC championship game.




CNN (@cnn) reported that prosecutors had offered to drop the misdemeanor charges against Kraft in exchange for fines, community service, and an admission that he would’ve been found guilty of the charges had he went to trial. If you really think about it, it’s not really surprising that Kraft turned down the deal. What’s the upside here for a billionaire? None! Kraft’s charges only carry a 60-day sentence in county jail if convicted. Even if he was convicted, he likely wouldn’t receive a jail sentence at all. (first time offender charged with a small misdemeanor) More important than that is Kraft’s image and potential punishment from the NFL. Even though prosecutors allege they have him on camera receiving a hand job, I doubt that Kraft won’t fight this charge endlessly. I could be wrong, I doubt it though. Billionaires are usually much too arrogant to think that laws for regular folks apply to them. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Kraft is scheduled to be arraigned on the solicitation charges on March 28. My guess is that somewhere along the way these charges against Kraft will be very quietly dismissed.



With the hiring of new head coach Jon Gruden, many fans in Oakland were expecting a change. Taking a look at the social media comments by some Raiders players and some in Raider Nation, I’m not so sure that they were expecting this kind of change.

Saturday morning ESPN’s Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) sent shockwaves throughout Raider Nation when he was first to report the news that the Raiders and Bears were finalizing a deal that would send Mack to the Bears.

The consensus from Raider Nation was that the move made the Raiders worse, not better.

Reports are the Bears are giving up two 1st round picks to acquire the all-star pass rusher from Oakland. The NFL rumor mill is buzzing with news that the Raiders never even tried to negotiate with Mack. A trade for the 27-year old has reportedly been the plan for the Gruden-led Raiders since February. Khalil Mack had 10.5 sacks and 78 tackles last season. He had 11 sacks and 73 tackles in ’16, and 15 sacks and 77 tackles in ’15. It’s pretty hard for me to see how any two first round picks will make up for this type of consistent production this season. Maybe the Raiders are looking toward the future and planning to tank this season? What do you think?