With the hiring of new head coach Jon Gruden, many fans in Oakland were expecting a change. Taking a look at the social media comments by some Raiders players and some in Raider Nation, I’m not so sure that they were expecting this kind of change.

Saturday morning ESPN’s Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) sent shockwaves throughout Raider Nation when he was first to report the news that the Raiders and Bears were finalizing a deal that would send Mack to the Bears.

The consensus from Raider Nation was that the move made the Raiders worse, not better.

Reports are the Bears are giving up two 1st round picks to acquire the all-star pass rusher from Oakland. The NFL rumor mill is buzzing with news that the Raiders never even tried to negotiate with Mack. A trade for the 27-year old has reportedly been the plan for the Gruden-led Raiders since February. Khalil Mack had 10.5 sacks and 78 tackles last season. He had 11 sacks and 73 tackles in ’16, and 15 sacks and 77 tackles in ’15. It’s pretty hard for me to see how any two first round picks will make up for this type of consistent production this season. Maybe the Raiders are looking toward the future and planning to tank this season? What do you think?



The Eagles played a sloppy game against a bad Raiders team last night, but they found a way to walk away with the victory. More important than the victory was the fact the Eagles clinched home-field advantage with the ugly victory. A 19-10 win versus a struggling Oakland Raiders team. Honestly, 6 of those points shouldn’t really be there. The Raiders attempted to pull some last second razzle-dazzle that turned into a fumble and a defensive TD for the Birds.




The Eagles won this game, but I believe if they were playing any other team in the league, they would’ve lost. The offense was out of sync all night, the defense was sluggish, and there was no real sense of urgency from anyone on the team. Even though this game meant a lot. Home field advantage throughout the playoffs is a big boost for a team like the Eagles who feed off of the energy of a rowdy home crowd. Even with this knowledge, the Eagles came out flat last night and stayed that way throughout the entire game. The Raiders tried to give that game away all night. Even when the Raiders turned the ball over, the Eagles turned around and gave the ball right back to them. The Raiders finally succeeded in giving the game away, but that doesn’t say much for the Birds. I’m not really sure that it can get any better with Foles at QB. We knew that Carson Wentz’s absence was going to effect the offense, but his absence also seems to be effecting the defense and special teams also. How that makes any sense? Don’t ask me, but take a look at the stats. Since Wentz went down, teams have remarkably started moving the ball and scoring at will against a defense that had been playing great ball all season. Even the special teams has fell off. Jake Elliott is missing chip shot field goals now? I don’t know what’s going on, but the Eagles need to shake this bad Omen off and do it quickly. Yeah, the Birds clinched home-field advantage throughout the playoffs last night, but from where I’m sitting, all that will mean come playoff time, is a shorter ride home! The Birds need to get it together. If they don’t, this 13 win season will be all for nothing. Nick Foles is the starting QB. Carson Wentz is not coming back this season. Nick Foles is not Carson Wentz, never will be, because he doesn’t have the heart to be. Doug Pederson needs to realize and accept this. Only then, can he adjust his plan accordingly and create a game plan that will help the team moving forward. Nothing too advanced, just something simple. Like…….I don’t know………MAYBE RUN THE DAMN BALL MORE!