Just weeks before his Washington D.C. trial was scheduled to begin, Paul Manafort reached a plea agreement with the special counsel. On Friday the Washington Post (@washingtonpost) reported, Manafort plead guilty to two charges in the DC case. Manafort was originally scheduled to be tried on seven charges. The plea deal Manafort agreed to with the special counsel erased the five other charges. In the end, Manafort plead guilty to one count of conspiring to defraud the United States and one count of conspiring to obstruct justice. On paper, Manafort only plead to those two counts, but in the courtroom, Manafort was forced to admit to everything he’d been charged with. Including cheating the IRS out of more than $15 million and attempting to cover his tracks while doing so. Also the many years he spent acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government.

With the plea deal, Manafort gives up his right to have a trial on these charges. Manafort also agreed to surrender three luxury houses and two luxury apartments, including one located in Trump Tower Manhattan. Manafort’s guilty plea deal also includes Manafort’s cooperation in “anything relevant to the special counsels investigation”, testifying in court if necessary, and working with the special counsel without the presence of his lawyer. The special counsel will now be Manafort’s representatives of sorts, because they will play a huge role in Manafort’s prison sentence now that he has agreed to an open-ended 10-year plea. Meaning, Manafort can be sentenced to anywhere between 0-10 years in prison when sentenced. It’s up to the judge, BUT the special counsels recommendation will play a huge role in influencing Manafort’s sentencing judge. If special counsel says Manafort’s cooperation was great and they could not have made their next case without him, Manafort could walk away from this with time served, being as though “the next case” could be a year or more away. Many people believe that “next case” will involve Donald Trump, his 2016 presidential campaign, and election interference. It makes perfect sense. That is what the special counsel was brought in for, and that is a subject Manafort reportedly knows tons about.

As of now, the who’s and what’s of what Paul Manafort will tell the FEDS remain unknown. Many have speculated, but no one really knows except the special counsel and Paul Manafort, and I don’t believe either one will be telling the public sh*t anytime soon. There have been reports that Manafort may have been talking to the FEDS since Monday. In that time, the interviews with Manafort reportedly took up hundreds of pages. That’s a lot! There’s really no telling who Manafort is giving up yet. Keep in mind, he has personally dealt with tons of shady characters across the globe. Russians, Turkish, Ukrainian, Americans. Mr. Manafort has personally been involved with some very shady characters in his lifetime. So I’m sure some of their names will come up during his interviews with the special counsel, BUT I find it hard to believe that the special counsel wanted Paul Manafort for any reason other than serving up Donald Trump and his organization on a silver platter. Time will tell. We will see. Tick-tock. Tick muthaf*ckin’ tock!




You wouldn’t be wrong if you called yesterday Tragic Tuesday for Donald Trump, his supporters, and the entire GOP. At practically the same time long term Trump lawyer/”fixer”, Michael Cohen was pleading guilty to various charges include illegal campaign finance violations, in a federal courthouse in New York, and also implicating Trump himself in some of those crimes, Trump former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort was learning his fate in Virginia as he awaited the verdict in his trial on multiple federal charges including tax fraud.

Guilty was the verdict on 8 out of the 18 crimes Manafort was charged with. CNN (@cnn) reported, Judge T.S. Ellis declared a mistrial on the 10 crimes the jury could not reach a unanimous verdict on. The FEDS still hold all of the cards in the mistrial charges as they can decide to re-try Manafort on those charges if they wish to.

Manafort was found guilty of five (5) tax fraud charges, two (2) counts of bank fraud, and one charge of hiding foreign bank accounts. Manafort faces a maximun 80 years behind bars for the 8 counts he was convicted on. Manafort may have some relief heading his way in the form of a presidential pardon, which Trump kind of hinted at early on Wednesday morning.

A Manafort pardon by Trump will be Republicans worst nightmare. Manafort was convicted by a jury of his peers. Not by angry Democrats or Republicans. He was convicted by law abiding, tax paying citizens of this Country. Attacking the verdict is not an attack on law enforcement or the FBI. An attack on this verdict will be an attack on America and its citizens who found Manafort guilty after a fair and legal trial. Republicans manage to look the other way when Trump does most things, but this one won’t be so easy to ignore. This will be an attack on the American democracy itself….. In the famous words of Donald Trump, “we’ll have to wait and see what happens.”



Breaking News:

Former Trump Campaign Chairman, Paul Manafort has just had his bail revoked by a District Judge in a Washington DC federal courtroom and is headed to jail.

Manafort was in court today to answer to claims of witness tampering alleged by the prosecution. Manafort was free on house arrest as he awaited charges on bank fraud and money laundering. Prosecutors alleged that Manafort contacted multiple witnesses in an effort to get them to change testimony or not testify against him at all. The witnesses, most of whom were already working with prosecutors, told prosecutors of Manafort’s attempted contact immediately after it happened. One witnesses reportedly even recorded the call with Manafort. Manafort was taken into custody immediately after this morning’s court proceedings. Paul Manafort has two upcoming trials. One in Virginia and this one in DC. Manafort is expected to be held in a federal jail in the D.C. area until jail officials find a jail to house him until his DC trial begins in September.

This story is still breaking. More details to come on this story as details emerge. Stay tuned!






Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who took a meeting with Donald Trump Jr. and other Trump campaign members at Trump Tower in 2016, to talk about, what Jr. said was dirt on Hilary Clinton, and what Natalia claimed to be about child adoption, has had startling information about her come to light recently. In an interview with NBC that is set to be aired Friday, Natalia made the claim that not only is she a lawyer, she is also an informant. (No, this is not a scene from a James Bond movie. This is real life)




The New York Times (@NYTimes) reports, newly released emails show that in at least one instance two years before the infamous meeting at Trump Tower, Natalia worked hand-in-glove with Russia’s chief legal office to thwart a United States Justice Department civil fraud case against a well-connected Russian firm.




Natalia also appears to have recanted her earlier denials of Russian government ties. During the NBC interview she acknowledged that she was not merely a private lawyer, but a source of information for a top Kremlin official, Yuri Y. Chaika, the prosecutor general said.




“I am a lawyer, and I am an informant. Since 2013, I have been actively communicating with the office of the Russian prosecutor general.” Natalia said during the interview.




Natalia had long insisted that she met Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort in a private capacity, not as a representative of the Russian government.




“I operate independently of any government bodies. I have no relationship with Mr. Chaika, his representatives and his institutions, other than those related to my professional functions as a lawyer.” Natalia wrote in a statement sent to the Senate Judiciary Committee in November.