No player on the Super Bowl winning Eagles team roster took a knee in protest during the playing of the national anthem during the regular season, playoffs, or Super Bowl. I know this, because I’m a hardcore fan of the Philadelphia Eagles and have seen damn near every regular, pre-season, and playoff game the Eagles have been involved in for over 20 years. Myself, and those who may not be Eagles fans are not the same. But let’s say that you’re not a hardcore Eagles fan like myself, and don’t know much about this team. Let’s even go a step further and say that you’re not a fan of football at all. Never even watched a full NFL game in your life. If a person you looked to defend, no matter what crazy thing came out of their mouths, told you that Eagles players were uninvited from attending the White House because the players on the team took a knee during the national anthem, you would probably believe what that person said without needing any proof whatsoever. Those who maybe thought they were a little smarter would search for proof in an attempt to validate their hero’s words for anyone who may be a non-believer. If that person was as smart as they claimed, they would do some real research and discover that their hero was a bold-faced liar. Those who weren’t so smart would dig for proof of their point and find this:




These are a few of the first images that pop up in a search when you google “Eagles kneel.” Anybody who knows anything about football knows that these pictures don’t fit the narrative of what Trump said about Eagles players disrespecting the flag and military by kneeling during the national anthem. We all know that during the playing of the anthem, players are standing very closely together side by side. Common sense would tell you that these photos could not have been taken during the playing of the national anthem. Fox News knew this when they decided to use pictures they found in a google search to try to bring some truth to Trump’s lying words. The crazy thing is, they didn’t care. They honestly thought they were going to get away with this blatant lie. Sure, many people who buy into the Fox propaganda on a daily basis took the bait and parroted the Fox message, like Fox knew they would, but an overwhelming number of people called Fox out and called this what it was……A HIT JOB. Make no mistake about it, this was a smear job on the Philadelphia Eagles by Fox News. Why? To attempt to make the words of a liar, truth. This is what Fox News does all day every single day, and they usually get away with it.




Of course, Fox News apologized for the so-called “error” hours later, but the damage had already been done. To the brain-dead, daily, Fox News viewers, their minds were already made up that this was the absolute truth. It was what the president of the United States said and it was what their most trusted news source, Fox News said.


The apology was weak and not really sincere, and like I said, the damage had already been done. An obvious lie had been fed to a brain-dead, naive audience as truth, and they quickly ran with the lie and parroted it over and over as truth. This is a hit job. Not even a good one, but still…..a hit job. Let’s be clear. This is not about the military. This is not about the national anthem. This isn’t even really about the right to protest. This whole thing is about Donald Trump and his fragile ego. Trump, always one to look for a photo-op and an opportunity to have people publicly kiss his ass, had his feelings hurt when he discovered that not enough players on the Eagles team were showing up for his liking. Out of a team with a 53-man roster and a coaching staff in the dozens, only about 10 people confirmed they were coming to the White House. That clearly was not a big enough ass-kissing session-photo op, for Trump. So Trump canceled the whole visit. In true Trump fashion, not only did he cancel the visit, but he felt a need to make the Eagles look like the bad guys in this whole thing to his supporters. What better way to make people look like the bad guy to a base that lives for fake patriotism, division, and racial conflict than to accuse people of being disrespecting to the very thing that group claims to hold so dearly? The flag and the military. Trump even attempted to shift the narrative of the “kneeling” narrative this afternoon after Fox caught the negative feedback over their lie pushing agenda.



No player on the Philadelphia Eagles team ever stayed in the locker room during the playing of the national anthem. Of course, Eagles fans already know that. So does Fox News. So does anyone with any common sense. Donald Trump has recklessly disrespected the NFL and its players on multiple occasions. Better yet, Donald Trump has, and still continues to use the NFL and its players as whipping toys whenever he needs to find a story to take the focus off of another story. Trump and his administration claims players don’t want to come to the White House because they are un-American. No, players don’t come to the White House because you are there. YOU ARE UN-AMERICAN.









It’s sad that this is what our Country has come to, but here we are. Just two days after the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl, questions started swirling about whether the Philadelphia Eagles would make the annual Super Bowl winner’s trip to the White House to visit the sitting President Of The United States or not. Coming off of last season’s national anthem controversy, many players on the Eagles team made their positions clear a long time ago. They were not making the trip to the White House this year. Many more players on the team likely came to the same conclusion after last week’s new NFL national anthem policy was announced by the NFL commissioner and owners. My guess, less than half of the Eagles players and staff were still planning to make the White House visit. News was already floating around about it. Clearly Donald Trump was unhappy with the number of players and staff who were still scheduled to appear. And even clearer, Donald Trump couldn’t allow anyone to think this was the case, especially not his MAGA base. He needed to make it look like he didn’t want the Eagles to visit, not the other way around. His ego would not allow that. So Trump and the WH decided to beat the Eagles to the punch before their scheduled visit in a few days by releasing this statement:






This president is not liked, and he just can’t grasp hold of why. Here’s a hint, maybe it’s because you throw tantrums like an 8-year old child when you can’t get your way. How do you refuse a person the right to stand (or kneel) for what they believe in and then expect them to come kiss your ass? That may work in the world of job-seeking ass-kissers in Trump world, but this is America, and in America people have a right to not want to be around someone they do not like or respect and put on a fake smile and kiss ass. This president wants to be a dictator. Here’s the thing about dictators, Mr. Trump. Nobody loves or even likes them. No one voluntarily comes to a party they are invited to by a dictator. They go because they are forced. No matter how many people show up to your rallies and yell at the top of their lungs, you are not loved, liked, or respected in the real world….you would know that if you stepped outside of your protective bubble of ass-kissers every once in a while. Kudos to the Eagles! I respect my hometown team even more for standing up for what they believe in. This is a democracy not a dictatorship. YOU CAN’T FORCE PEOPLE TO LIKE YOU AND PLAY WITH YOU NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU CRY AND THREATEN TO TAKE YOUR BALL AND GO HOME! Your parents should’ve taught you that a long time ago! Enjoy your marching band and hordes of ass-kissing nobodies, because the people whose attention and adoration you crave so dearly will never want to hang out with you. Never did, never will.


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Coming off of a Super Bowl 52 win earlier this year, the Philadelphia Eagles have made many moves this offseason and lost some key pieces from the 2017-2018 team that made that Super Bowl victory possible. RB LaGarrette Blount and WR Torrey Smith were among the big name offseason casualties suffered by the Birds. Key losses are expected from a team coming off of a Super Bowl win. I understand that, but it still hurts to lose some of these players from last year’s team. LB Mychal Kendricks is the latest veteran to depart the squad. ESPN’s Adam Schefter (@AdamSchedter) reported the Eagles will be releasing the veteran linebacker. Kendricks has been at the middle of trade talks for multiple seasons. Kendricks was scheduled to make $7.6 million this season, which some speculate played a big part in the Eagles releasing him.

Kansas City Chiefs v Philadelphia Eagles
PHILADELPHIA, PA – SEPTEMBER 19: Mychal Kendricks #95 of the Philadelphia Eagles hits Alex Smith #11 of the Kansas City Chiefs in the second quarter at Lincoln Financial Field on September 19, 2013 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)




Kendricks asked to be released or traded last season when his playing time started to be shared between multiple linebackers. The Eagles declined to trade or release Kendricks at the time. Kendricks went on to be a key piece in the 2018 Super Bowl run. He finished the season with 51 tackles and 2 sacks. Kendricks’ time on the field last season only increased when linebacker Jordan Hicks went down due to an achilles rupture in October. Kendricks played 60% of defensive snaps after the injury to Hicks. Mychal Kendricks turns 28-years old in September. His skills on the field are not declining. Kendricks seems to have just reached his peak. Mychal Kendricks will not stay on the free agent market for long. Even at a price in the $7 million range, I don’t expect Kendricks to be unemployed for too long.


The Philadelphia Eagles have agreed to trade WR Torrey Smith to the Carolina Panthers for CB Daryl Worley. Torrey Smith played a huge part in the Eagles success this past season. Even if his participation didn’t always show up as huge numbers in the box score I liked Torrey Smith and the role he played on the team. I’m kind of sad to see him go, but we all know this is what happens when you become a Super Bowl Champion. The value of every single player on the team rises drastically. Every team is in search of that missing piece to their puzzle in the offseason, and there’s no better place to start your search than the team that won the Super Bowl the previous season, especially when the Super Bowl Champ is well over the salary cap and looking to shave a little money off of that tab……like the Eagles are.




Smith caught 36 passes for 430 yards and two touchdowns with the Eagles during the 17′-18′ season. He had 13 catches for 157 yards and a touchdown in the postseason. Make no mistake about it, the Philadelphia Eagles are loaded at the Wide Receiver position. Torrey Smith is set to make a base pay of $5 million this upcoming season. Worley is in the third year of his rookie contract and scheduled to make about $650,000 this season. The Eagles are currently $14 million over the salary cap. You can see why a move like this makes sense.