According to DEA officials in DC, the latest count for the seizure stands at 34,341 pounds. A little over 17 tons of cocaine. Authorities are still adding up the amount of cocaine seized in the raid before an “official” number is determined. That number will likely be announced at a press conference scheduled to be held  on Wednesday afternoon.




Action News Philly (@6abc) reported, the cargo ship carrying the cocaine was headed from Chile to Europe, when the drugs were found in Philadelphia. Authorities received a tip about the huge shipment coming into the city on Monday night. The cocaine was discovered inside eight containers on the cargo ship, according to sources.




The ship’s journey began in Chile, before making a stop in Peru and the Bahamas. From there, the ship made its way to Philadelphia. According to the Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District Of Pennsylvania, the ship’s final destination was Europe, with a stop in Rotterdam. So far, it’s unclear where the ship was planning to unload the huge shipment of cocaine.




U.S. Attorney William McSwain tweeted “This is one of the largest drug seizures in United States history.” Members of the ship’s crew were arrested and charged federally. Two of the ship’s crew allegedly admitted to taking part in loading the cocaine from 14 separate boats while the ship was already in route at sea. Authorities say this is the largest seizure of cocaine in the history of the Eastern District Of Pennsylvania.




What do you think authorities do with this much drugs? I know the official “good citizen” line is that “they burn the drugs.” But, what do you really think a country who’s always crying about how much debt they’re carrying would do with over $1 billion worth of cocaine? I know what I’d do……..



Philadelphia, PA




Somebody….or some people are really pissed off this morning. You would be too if you’d just lost more than 1180 POUNDS (450 kilos)  of cocaine with an alleged wholesale street value of 27,000 per kilo.



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According to 6abc action news the cocaine was seized from a cargo container that was resting on a shipped docked at the Port Of Philadelphia. Federal agents allegedly found the drugs inside of 13 large duffel bags inside the container. Federal officials estimated the value of the drugs to be around $38 million. Cops and FEDS tend to announce the retail value of seized drugs when they do these type of huge seizures. I guess it adds drama to the seizure. Bigger numbers make for a better story? I don’t know…all I know is that 450 kilos at a wholesale price of $27,000 per, is closer to a grand total of around $12 million. Math has never been my strong suit…so what the hell do I know? Anyway, the ship that the drugs were recovered from originated in Guatemala and made a stop in the Bahamas before docking in the U.S. It will likely be very hard to nail down the exact place where the drugs were loaded onto the ship. So, that’s one less thing the owner of this cocaine will have to worry about, but that peace of mind still doesn’t replace his seized cocaine.