Senate Republicans passed their version of a massive tax overhaul around 2 a.m on Saturday morning. The Senate bill passed 51-49. Senator Bob Corker (TN) was the only Republican Senator to vote against the bill. Mike Pence was on hand for the vote. Republicans cheered as the Vice President read out the final tally. Democrats abandoned the floor immediately after voting. The Democratic Senators said that the tax bill was rushed through. They also said that they had not had adequate time to read the bill, as they had just received the Republican final version just hours before the vote. The proposed bill was 479 pages long, with many lines scribbled out and lines that were unreadable added in pencil. Democrats called for a delay on the vote for a few days while they took an opportunity to read the bill. Republicans overwhelmingly voted no to that suggestion. They didn’t want extra days for the Democrats to read the tax bill. The reason was probably because they did not want the public to find out some of the things that were in the bill, like a tax break for jet owners, and huge tax cuts for businesses. Not small business, more like fortune 500 businesses.




As the days go by, we will likely learn what else is included in the tax bill. This tax bill will have an affect on every tax paying citizen in the Country. The “no” vote for a delay until the bill was read tells me one thing, this is not something the Republicans are proud of, and this bill is not something that they wanted the general public to read before they passed it. That probably means the bill is bad news for the every day citizen who is not a billionaire. That’s 99% of the people in this Country. The tax plan is reportedly favorable to large corporations. Some are categorized ( any company that makes over x amount of dollars per year), and some are even mentioned by name. Imagine that? A tax bill that affects a Country has specific measures for certain companies. There’s rumor that one of those companies is a for-profit school with ties to Betsy Devos, who was one of the biggest contributors to the Trump campaign and now currently United States Secretary Of Education. Basically this bill seems to be another method to ensure that the rich stay rich. As for everybody else? I’ve heard very little of how this tax bill helps people who are not billionaires. But that didn’t stop the hard-core Trump supporters from claiming this as a victory anyway. Trump supporters claimed victory on a thing that may directly effect them negatively. The thing is, just like a thief in the night…most of those Trump supporters won’t realize they’ve been screwed over until the thieves are long gone. I haven’t had an opportunity to read the bill yet, but I do know one thing….Good or bad, the Republicans own this tax bill. Not one Democrat voted for this tax bill. If the bill hurts your supporters, you can’t blame Obama, Hilary, and the Democrats for this. THIS TAX BILL IS A TRUMP BRAIN-CHILD WITH REPUBLICAN SUPPORT. There is no one to blame for whatever comes of this bill. YOU OWN THIS! Congratulations dickheads!



Video courtesy: YouTube/SenatorJonTester