Just weeks before his Washington D.C. trial was scheduled to begin, Paul Manafort reached a plea agreement with the special counsel. On Friday the Washington Post (@washingtonpost) reported, Manafort plead guilty to two charges in the DC case. Manafort was originally scheduled to be tried on seven charges. The plea deal Manafort agreed to with the special counsel erased the five other charges. In the end, Manafort plead guilty to one count of conspiring to defraud the United States and one count of conspiring to obstruct justice. On paper, Manafort only plead to those two counts, but in the courtroom, Manafort was forced to admit to everything he’d been charged with. Including cheating the IRS out of more than $15 million and attempting to cover his tracks while doing so. Also the many years he spent acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government.

With the plea deal, Manafort gives up his right to have a trial on these charges. Manafort also agreed to surrender three luxury houses and two luxury apartments, including one located in Trump Tower Manhattan. Manafort’s guilty plea deal also includes Manafort’s cooperation in “anything relevant to the special counsels investigation”, testifying in court if necessary, and working with the special counsel without the presence of his lawyer. The special counsel will now be Manafort’s representatives of sorts, because they will play a huge role in Manafort’s prison sentence now that he has agreed to an open-ended 10-year plea. Meaning, Manafort can be sentenced to anywhere between 0-10 years in prison when sentenced. It’s up to the judge, BUT the special counsels recommendation will play a huge role in influencing Manafort’s sentencing judge. If special counsel says Manafort’s cooperation was great and they could not have made their next case without him, Manafort could walk away from this with time served, being as though “the next case” could be a year or more away. Many people believe that “next case” will involve Donald Trump, his 2016 presidential campaign, and election interference. It makes perfect sense. That is what the special counsel was brought in for, and that is a subject Manafort reportedly knows tons about.

As of now, the who’s and what’s of what Paul Manafort will tell the FEDS remain unknown. Many have speculated, but no one really knows except the special counsel and Paul Manafort, and I don’t believe either one will be telling the public sh*t anytime soon. There have been reports that Manafort may have been talking to the FEDS since Monday. In that time, the interviews with Manafort reportedly took up hundreds of pages. That’s a lot! There’s really no telling who Manafort is giving up yet. Keep in mind, he has personally dealt with tons of shady characters across the globe. Russians, Turkish, Ukrainian, Americans. Mr. Manafort has personally been involved with some very shady characters in his lifetime. So I’m sure some of their names will come up during his interviews with the special counsel, BUT I find it hard to believe that the special counsel wanted Paul Manafort for any reason other than serving up Donald Trump and his organization on a silver platter. Time will tell. We will see. Tick-tock. Tick muthaf*ckin’ tock!




The first member of Donald Trump’s “inner circle” to be charged in the Russian interference investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, has been sentenced. George Papadopoulos, who served as Trump’s foreign policy adviser, was sentenced to 14-days in jail to be followed by one year of supervised release. Papadopoulos was also hit with a $9500 fine. The special counsel originally called for a sentence of between 0-6 months after Papadopoulos’ cooperation with the investigation. Papadopoulos pleaded with the sentencing judge before his sentence was handed down.

“I made a terrible mistake. I hope to have a second chance to redeem myself.” Papadopoulos told the judge before being sentenced.

NBC News(@NBCNews) reports, prosecutors said Papadopoulos was solicited by a professor with ties to Russian Intelligence named Joseph Mifsud. Mifsud reportedly told Papadopoulos that the Russians possessed incriminating information about Hilary Clinton in the form of “thousands of emails”. This was before it was public knowledge that Russia had stolen Democratic emails. Papadopoulos lied to the FBI about the timing of his interactions with the professor. He told the FBI it happened before he began working for Trump, when it had actually happened well afterward.

Prosecutors say Misfud arranged a meeting between Papadopoulos and a woman who was falsely introduced to Papadopoulos as Vladimir Putin’s niece.

Pictured: Joseph Misfud

After a night of heavy drinking, Papadopoulos bragged to an Australian diplomat about the stolen emails, Russians, and how the fix was in for Trump to win, as the two drank together at an upscale bar in London in 2016. The Australian Diplomat was so alarmed by Papadopoulos’ claims that he reported the conversation to his American counterparts. The Australian Diplomats’ concern came from evidence that they had seen Russia do the exact same thing in elections in multiple other countries around the world. That was the beginning of the counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States presidential election….and ultimately, Donald Trump and his camp’s role in the whole thing.

Trump, who has called the entire investigation a “hoax” and a “witch-hunt”, chimed in via Twitter after Papadopoulos’s sentencing.






The Manhattan offices of longtime Donald Trump personal attorney, Michael Cohen were raided by the FBI this afternoon. As expected, Cohen’s attorney went into a bit of a panic, calling the raid “unnecessary and inappropriate” among other things.




“Today the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District Of New York executed a series of search warrants and seized the privileged communications between my client, Michael Cohen, and his clients. I have been advised by federal prosecutors that the New York action is, in part, a referral by the Office Of Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. The decision by the US Attorney’s Office in New York to conduct their investigation using search warrants is completely inappropriate and unnecessary. It resulted in the unnecessary seizure of protected attorney-client communications between a lawyer and his clients. These government tactics are also wrong because Mr. Cohen has cooperated completely with all government entities, including providing thousands of non-privileged documents to the Congress and sitting for depositions under oath.” Cohen attorney Stephen Ryan said in a statement.




ABC News (@ABC) reports, the specific nature of the warrants were not disclosed. The US Attorney’s Office told ABC News they had no comment.














The entire Country is split down the middle. The divide is mostly based on politics, religious beliefs, and perceived morality and patriotism. The one department we’ve been taught to believe was exempt from any political opinions were the FBI. That may still hold true. But what happens when the president of the United States forces a “for me or against me” ideology on an entire Justice Department? Politics come into play. That’s exactly what I believe we were witnessing when Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the firing of former FBI Director Andrew McCabe on Friday night after hours. The reason I say this smells of a political agenda is because the president made it clear on multiple occasions that he did not want Andrew McCabe to collect his pension. That would’ve happened Sunday, when Mccabe will turn 50-years old and be eligible to collect full benefits. But if he would’ve been fired Monday….during regular business hours…..when a person would normally be fired, it would’ve been too late to deprive McCabe of his pension.  If this wasn’t Trump’s work and right in line with the petty type of things he does, what was the FBI’s reason for firing the man a little more than 24 hours before he would’ve been eligible for retirement and a full pension after 21-years of service? The president didn’t even wait a full two hours after the announcement was made before he took to Twitter and expressed pure joy over the situation.





Trump has made no secret about his displeasure with James Comey over perceived disloyalty to him. The FBI doesn’t work for Donald Trump. The FBI works for the people of the United States. Trump doesn’t understand this or simply doesn’t care about the law. When Comey refused to give the president favorable treatment in an investigation into the president’s alleged wrongdoings, the president fired James Comey. The firing of James Comey, led to the hiring of Bob Mueller and the special counsel to search for possible links between the Trump Administration and possible collusion with Russian cohorts to interfere in the 2016 United States presidential election. The firing of Comey, led people to question the reason behind Comey’s firing. Many believed that Comey’s firing was an attempt by the president to end any investigation into his alleged misdeeds. This led to Comey testifying before Congress and speaking about the president’s “loyalty pledge” that he demanded Comey take. James Comey said he had notes and witnesses to back up his claim. If true, Comey’s firing could be seen as an obstruction of justice. Andrew McCabe was one of those witnesses to Comey’s claims. That’s when McCabe says he became a target of the president’s.



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CNN (@cnn) reports, McCabe had been regularly taunted by the president and besieged by accusations that he had misled internal investigators at the Justice Department. McCabe had been expected to retire this Sunday, on his 50th birthday, when he would have become eligible to receive early retirement benefits. But Friday’s termination could place a portion of his anticipated pension in jeopardy. McCabe has served with the FBI for over 20 years. A representative for McCabe said he learned from a press release that he had been fired by Sessions. McCabe’s firing was described by Sessions as “a lack of candor.”




“After an extensive and fair investigation and according to Department Of Justice procedure, the Department’s office of the Inspector General (OIG) provided its report on allegations of misconduct by Andrew McCabe to the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR). The FBI’s OPR then reviewed the report and and underlying documents and issued a disciplinary proposal recommending the dismissal of Mr. McCabe. Both the OIG and FBI OPR reports concluded that Mr. McCabe had made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor, including under oath, on multiple occasions.”




Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement Friday night. By the way, Sessions has had to be brought back to testify before Congress on multiple occasions because of lies he told the previous times he stood before them. Just thought I’d throw that piece of information in there.