Department Of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson, a Trump appointee, testified before an oversight committee this afternoon. After being asked by a couple of Democratic Senators (including Dick Durbin, who attended the same meeting at the White House that Nielson did) if Donald Trump called African Countries and Haiti “shithole Countries, Nielson seemed to catch a sudden case of amnesia. First she said she didn’t recall, then she switched to Trump never said that, finally Nielson settled on “everyone at the meeting used tough language.” Senator Durbin asked Nielson what some of that tough language was. She claimed that she couldn’t recall. Nielson was asked by another Senator if Trump made the comment that America should be bringing in more immigrants from Norway, and less from Countries like Africa and Haiti. Nielson found this statement to be something she felt that she could defend. Nielson claimed that Trump’s statement had absolutely nothing to do with race, it was all about merit and employability. The Senator promptly responded that he was not aware that being Norwegian was an employable skill. He then asked Nielson if she was aware that the majority of Norwegian people were white. Nielson replied that she did not know that. The person that is in charge of Homeland Security is not aware that the majority of people in Norway are white? Did she think they were black or Mexican? Nielson was basically saying “f*ck you” to the Senators. She was clearly telling any lie her little heart desired, and smiling as she did so. This whole thing was nothing but a big ole’ joke to her. And why shouldn’t it be? What’s the most a Senate Committee could possibly do to her for lying under oath? You and me may need to worry about the consequences for these type of actions, but it seems to be the last thing that folks under the Trump umbrella of protection worry about when they take turns lying in front of Senate Committees. They all march up there and play the naive, good ole’ Southern Christian, innocent, I Love Jesus, role. And people usually fall for the act. Not Cory Booker. Not today. Cory Booker lit Ms. Kirstjen Neilson’s dumb ass up in that Senate Committee hearing today. And all she could do was sit there and take it.



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We did what we came to do. It can only get worse from here. Time to jump ship before it does.” This is the message I keep thinking about when I see the recent wave of Republican Senators retiring. Of course, they probably see it in a different light. I’m pretty sure they’ve managed to convince themselves that they’ve served their Country well and now their watch has ended. These current Republican Senators can try to convince themselves of this all that they want, but history will write that this was the most corrupt, greedy, enemy of the people, put my pockets first and America last, party over Country, Republican Senate and House to ever exist in America’s long history. They will be remembered as cowards and traitors to the Country when the truth about what went on and what’s currently going on in this Country is revealed. Every last Republican will be exposed when all is said and done. Including the latest one to announce that he will be retiring soon, Utah Republican Senator, Orrin Hatch.




The New York Times (@nytimes) reports, Senator Orrin G. Hatch of Utah, the longest serving Senate Republican, announced on Tuesday that he will retire at the end of the year. Hatch made his decision public on Tuesday afternoon via a video announcement.




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BY Kareem Rahman



The President had a positive call with Judge Roy Moore during which they discussed the state of the Alabama Senate race and the President endorsed Judge Moore’s campaign.”



This is the official statement released from the White House minutes ago. The White House’s statement of the President’s endorsement of Roy Moore comes a day after Republican Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell said “we’re going to let the people of Alabama decide”, when asked if Roy Moore should hold Alabama’s Senate seat. Just last month, November 13th to be exact, McConnel said “I think Roy Moore should step aside”, when asked the same question. So what happened between November 13th and yesterday to change Mitch McConnel’s opinion on the Roy Moore situation? Was it facts surfacing that prove that Moore is innocent of harassing children and attempting to engage with them sexually? No it wasn’t that. Between the time McConnel spoke out against Moore, and yesterday, there have been at least five more claims made that Moore attempted to engage in some sort of inappropriate sexual behavior with a minor. Honestly, I believe that if the show “To Catch A Predator” was a thing back in the 70’s and 80’s when Roy Moore was on the prowl, he would’ve probably made a guest appearance at some point. Mitch McConnel’s opinion on the Roy Moore situation changed for one reason. BECAUSE HE IS A COWARD. Mitch McConnel is not alone in his cowardice though. 99% of the GOP are in the same cowardly boat. What most of us don’t see is that there is heavy fighting going on within the Republican party. It’s not exactly in-fighting, it’s more of a hostile entity moving in to take over, while conventional Republicans kneel down in submission out of fear, instead of fighting back. COWARDS.




The Republican Party is crawling with former Tea Party Members who have switched their name to Republicans during the rise of the Trump “grifters” takeover of the government. If you remember, the Tea Party was just a bunch of angry individuals. They had no idea what they were really angry at, except the fact that a black man was President Of The United States. The Tea Party had backers though. Backers with money. Backers with political influence. And backers within the media. Three things that you desperately need to attempt a coup’ of a government. With those things in place, all you need is a figure-head to preach your message (or non-message) to other angry-for-nothing individuals. The Tea Party found the perfect figure-head in Donald Trump. A reality star….I take that back. A reality personality who’s claim to fame is making people believe that he is rich, and saying and doing racist and idiotic things. The Bannon led group are running things. Trump is just an idiotic figure-head. The thing that represents everything the followers believe in. Hate and exclusion of anything not white. This has been the Republican way for a long time, but hate and exclusion has long been an underlying part of what the party stood for, or at least what they claimed to stand for. At the forefront of the Republican agenda was always fiscal responsibility and “high morality.” Republicans have prided themselves on being morally correct for decades. That belief was the thing that allowed Republicans to get on their high-horse when Bill Clinton got a blow-job from an intern. Republican “morality” was even the thing that allowed them to be “outraged” when president Obama decided to wear a tan suit one day. Republicans and the Republican base argued that a tan suit was “not presidential.” Fast forward to today and ask where all of this “morality” and outrage is at now? A blow- job and a tan suit are the least of this Country’s problems. As a matter of fact, I believe most people (with common sense and not cult members) would be happy if that was all that we had to worry about these days. The party of “morals and fiscal responsibility” now openly accepts lying, cheating, running up the national deficit, endless tax-payer funded spending sprees for public officials, stupidity, hate speech, hateful actions, abuse of power, possible treason, collusion, espionage, selling the Country to a hostile foreign power for profit…….and now, Republicans can add pedophilia to the long list of things that are now acceptable to the party of “high moral standards.” The Republican Party doesn’t even look like itself anymore. That’s mostly because it’s not the Republican Party anymore. The Republican Party has been taken over by a right-wing, angry for nothing, racist, sexist, misogynistic, hate everything that’s not white, band of low-life, uneducated criminals. They have a huge following of people who fall into some, or all of those categories too. This is why Mitch McConnel and probably every other Republican has changed their stance on Roy Moore. Because Trump has. The old-school Republican establishment assumed that being accused of sexually assaulting children was something that would shame Roy Moore into hiding. They assumed that the accusations would surely be enough to make ol’ Roy say “uh oh! It’s time for me to quit and get myself out of the spotlight, before more allegations come forward!” What the old established Republicans failed to realize was how little Roy Moore cared about being shamed, and that it’s really hard to shame someone who has no shame. Roy Moore has no shame. Voters in Alabama who plan to vote for Roy Moore have no shame. Donald trump has no shame. Steve Bannon and the “Band Of Grifters” have no shame. By affiliation, Mitch McConnel and the old school Republican Party of “Morals” have no shame. And they’re totally fine with that………AS LONG AS IT ALLOWS THEM TO STAY IN OFFICE!


Project Veritas, who gained notoriety during the 2016 presidential campaign as a “right wing” outlet that “outs” corrupt and lying “left wing” news outlets and others, got played when they tried to run their game on the Washington Post.




I’ll try to make a long story as short as possible, but I will leave a link to the full article by the Washington Post that is a very interesting read, especially if you want to take a look at the backdoor deals and schemes unfolding in the rampant assault against the media by individuals and groups who live by the Trump mantra, “everything bad ever reported about me is ‘fake news’.”




We all know the story of Roy Moore and the many accusers coming forward to make claims that Roy Moore sexually harassed or assaulted them when they were teens. We’ve even heard stories about the mall banning the then 30 something- year old Moore from the mall because he was harassing teenage girls. All of which Moore has vehemently denied and claimed were stories made up by the Washington Post and other “main stream media” outlets to try to discredit him and an attempt to keep him “a good Christian” from obtaining the Alabama Senate seat. Deny, deny, deny, seemed to be Moore’s strategy from the very start. A strategy he has stuck to. Moore’s strategy even led some to believe that what he was saying was true. The “wicked” left wing media were lying on him to keep him out of the Senate. The left wing media led by The Washington Post. It’s not clear if Project Veritas went forward with their idiotic plan because they believed Moore’s claims of a conspiracy against him, or if this was something that Project Veritas was already planning on doing, or……there is a third option here. Maybe the Moore campaign paid Project Veritas to get some dirt on the Washington Post. Either way, things took a turn for the worst for Project Veritas when it was discovered by The Washington Post that the woman who approached the newspaper with some questionable allegations against Roy Moore, may be an undercover Veritas employee attempting to infiltrate the newspaper and get them to report a made up story about Roy Moore impreganating a teen and then forcing her to get an abortion. You can read the full story from The Washington Post right here. Very interesting stuff!