Talk about a come up. Internet famous talk show/podcast host, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, have parted ways with their former home Viceland and are taking their popular show to Showtime.

There have been rumors of this happening in the past few days, but today the move became official. Variety Magazine (@variety) reports, The Desus & Mero show will be a weekly late-night series airing on Showtime. The new show is set to launch in 2019. The show will be produced by Desus, Mero, and Victor Lopez. The Desus & Mero show is slated to be Showtime’s very first late-night show. That means if this takes off (and it likely will because Desus & Mero have a cult-like following), the NY duo stands to make some big bucks. They’ve come a loooong way from the days of going to the corner bodega to get something to eat and some backwoods. Desus and Mero are about to hit the big stage. Congrats!