This is my favorite show currently on television. I don’t know what my second favorite show is, but I know that #2 is not even close. What I like most about this show is that the writers took their time in building up to Franklin’s rise to power. The first season was about Franklin to get in the game. The second season was about Franklin learning the game. I expect this season to be about Franklin excelling in the game before his eventual downfall. Check out the trailer for season 3 of Snowfall coming to FX July 10th:



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HBO executives have confirmed that the hit show Insecure won’t return until 2020. It’s been reported that the show’s delay is in due partially to the show’s star and creator Issa Rae’s jammed packed 2019 schedule. Rae currently appears in the film Little with co-stars Regina Hall and Marsai Martin. Vulture Magazine (@vulture) reported,  HBO’s programming chief, Casey Bloys confirmed the news and also confirmed that the delay is not because the show is no longer a success.



   Well, Issa became a big movie star. We’re not the first place to deal with this, but when you’re in business with very creative and talented people, there’s a lot more opportunities for people to do things.”




Bloys wasn’t wrong. Insecure was likely just one item in Issa Rae’s bag. Insecure may have been the item that got Issa’s foot inside the Hollywood door, but I’m almost certain that the show wasn’t the BIG thing that Issa had in store. I guess we all should be happy for her. I know Twitter will be disappointed this summer as they will have no show to argue about and write long ridiculous think-pieces on. I guess people will have to find another show to write their think-pieces on this summer. I suggest giving Snowfall on FX a peek. It’s a really good show that goes into detail about the birth of the crack cocaine epidemic. The show has a really good, realistic storyline that is paired with some really good acting.







Here’s something to look forward to this summer if you’re not up for watching re-runs of everything during the summer months. FX’s Snowfall will return for season 2 on July 19th. I really like this show. Season 1 was really good. I think it could’ve moved a little faster, but now that I look back, I can understand what they were doing in season 1. They were setting us up for the “meat” part of the story. In season-1 we’ve already seen how Franklin was introduced to crack cocaine. I believe season 2 is where we will see how Franklin became one of the biggest drug dealers in America. I’m looking forward to it. You watching?? Here’s the trailer for Snowfall season 2 premiering on FX July 19th:




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