Utah Jazz’s small forward Kyle Korver pinned an open letter in The players Tribune ( this afternoon that is causing quite the stir on Twitter today. In the letter Korver hit on the topic of racism and privilege in today’s NBA and society itself. It’s a pretty good read. You can click the link to check it out for yourself. The Players Tribune




WR Odell Beckham Jr. and the New York Giants have reached an agreement on a new deal for the all-star receiver. OBJ and the Giants reportedly agreed on a 5-year $95 million max contract. ESPN (@espn) reported, $65 million of that is guaranteed money. The staggering amount of guaranteed money is enough to make anyone say “Damn!” I agree….but I’m also saying damn for a whole different reason.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan it’s my duty to stay in tune with the “haps” in the NFC East. The Giants have always been an issue for me, even during seasons they were bad. The Giants have always had a very strange habit of coming out of nowhere and making some major noise in the division. A happy (and paid) OBJ can become a huge problem for the NFC East and probably the rest of the league too. Even with the “human trash can”, that is Eli Manning throwing him the ball, OBJ is a major threat. He can single-handedly make the Giants offense extremely dangerous. A guy with Becham’s skill set doesn’t necessarily need the ball in his hands to make a difference. Defenses need to double team OBJ on practically every play. This leaves one-on-one’s all over the field. Even Eli “The Trash Man” Manning will find it difficult to f*ck that up!

Make no mistake about it, the Giants are a team we need to keep our eyes on this season. OBJ has always put up BIG numbers, especially against us. Most of this happened when he was upset or unhappy about one thing or another. Imagine a healthy, focused, and most importantly, happy OBJ out there on Sundays. So, Congrats to OBJ and the New York Giants on the huge deal, but this could turn out to be a bigger deal for the rest of the NFC East….and not in a good way!



Multiple sports news outlets have reported that Lebron James will not pick up the player option on the final year of his contract, and will become an unrestricted free agent. Leaving one big question left to be answered. Where will Lebron James take his talents next season?

NBA free agency doesn’t officially begin until, 12:01 am est on Sunday. I believe Lebron James won’t need to wait until Sunday to decide what team he wants to sign with. I believe Lebron made that decision as he was leaving the court after the final game of the NBA finals earlier this month. He just hasn’t informed us of his decision yet.

According to NBA analyst and “experts”, the three hot spots for a King’s landing are Philly, LA, and Houston. I’ve heard places like San Antonio mentioned vaguely. It’s been reported that James has multiple houses in LA and has already enrolled his kids in schools in the Los Angeles area. To me, that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s going to play for the Lakers, it might just mean he’s eyeing a team on the West Coast. I do believe James relocating his fam to LA does take the 76ers completely out of the equation. BUT, I do believe Bron’s interest in LA opens a lane for the 2nd biggest free agent on the market to want to take a long look at Philly before he decides where he wants to play next season. No, I’m not talking about Kawhi. I’m talking about Paul George. And if he does decide to go to Philly, the rest of the Eastern Conference better beware. Philly will become a serious force in the East. But, however this all plays out, one thing is certain, this is going to be a very interesting off-season!



The Charlotte Hornets are reportedly in the process of trading center Dwight Howard to the New Jersey Nets.

Dwight Howard was once labeled as “the next Shaq.” Some say Howard had the talent to be a major force in the league. Things never seemed to work out that way for the all-star. After asking to be traded from Orlando, the team that drafted him, Howard basically became a journeyman. Spending a few seasons alongside Kobe in LA. With short stays in Atlanta and Houston, before landing with the team that’s trying to get up off of Howard’s hefty contract now, Charlotte. Dwight Howard came with plenty of hype wherever he went, but always turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment when fans got to see what they had. The hit on Dwight Howard has consistently been “he’s lazy” and “he lacks passion and heart.” I don’t believe any of that is true. I believe that the bar was simply set too high for Dwight Howard from the very beginning. People wanted him to be “the next Shaq” when he should’ve been allowed to be “the first Dwight Howard.” The media are the ones who made him out to be a bust. Either way, I don’t believe Howard is going to the Nets to revive his career. No, I feel that Brooklyn is the place Dwight Howard’s NBA career will officially die.

ESPN’S Adrian Wajnarowski (@wojespn) broke the news of the trade this morning. Charlotte will send Howard to the Nets and receive Center Timothy Mozgov, two future second round picks, and an undiscosed amount of cash in return. Howard has $23.8 million left on an expiring contract in Charlotte. The Nets will make the 4th team the 32-year old will have played for in the last three years. The trade can’t be completed, and won’t become official until after July 6th.