A former playboy centerfold and her 7-year old son both fell to their deaths after apparently jumping from a 25th-floor window of a Midtown hotel penthouse suite where the mother and son had been staying for the past few nights.

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The New York Daily News (NYDailyNews) reports, the fatal falls of Stephanie Adams and her son Vincent were the final scene in a longstanding family feud between Adams and her estranged husband Dr, Charles Nicolai, according to sources.





Police said there was no suicide note left in the $849-a-night suite. Adams and her son checked into the hotel at 5:56 pm on Thursday evening. The two spent the night in the penthouse alone. Speculation among hotel employees was that Adams may have dropped her son from the window before leaping to her death at around 8:30 am.

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“From what the guests told me, they heard a light drop and then a heavier drop. I’m still in shook up about it.” An employee from the hotel told the Times.




Adams was in the middle of a nasty divorce from Nicolai, who is the owner of Wall Street Chiropractic & Wellness, according to court documents. Adams had recently asked a judge to allow her to take her son to Spain. According to Nicolai’s lawyer, William Beslow, Adams’ request was denied by the judge.

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“Apparently this was a trip for which there wasn’t going to be a return to the United States. The court believed that wouldn’t be appropriate given the child’s relationship with Dr. Nicolai” Beslow said.




The NYPD responded to five domestic disputes between the couple from the months July 2017 through March 2018, sources said. There was also an order of protection involved in the matter. It remains unclear which spouse asked for the court order, but Adams did make social media post suggesting that she herself, may have been a victim of abuse. Including this tweet from March 20th.




Stephanie Adams was 46-years old.



Former Glee’ star Mark Sailing has died in what police are classifying as an “apparent suicide” just weeks before the former actor was set to be sentenced to prison time on possession of child pornography charges.




People Magazine (@people) reports, Sailing’s attorney, Michael Proctor gave People magazine the following statement:



“I can confirm that Mark Sailing passed away early this morning. Mark was a gentle and loving person, a person of great creativity, who was doing his best to atone for some serious mistakes and errors of judgement. He is survived by his mother and father, and his brother. The Sailing family appreciates the support they have been receiving and asks for their privacy to be respected.”




Police received a call to do a “welfare check” on Sailing early Tuesday morning. Somehow the visit to the house led police to a baseball field where Sailings’ body was found. Police say Sailing had been dead for awhile when his body was discovered. Law Enforcement reports that Sailing was found hanging from a tree. The initial “welfare check” on Sailing was the result of a family member going to the police station at 3am to file a missing persons report on Sailing. Mark Sailing’s death was officially ruled a suicide as no foul play has been detected. Mark Sailing was 35-years old.


State Rep. Dan Johnson was found dead two days after a news report revealed that the lawmaker had been accused of sexually attacking a 17-year old girl. The 17-year old accused Johnson of molesting her in 2013. She said Johnson was drunk when he did so.




People Magazine (@people) reports, authorities said Dan Johnson, a 57-year old father of five, drove to a bridge in Mount Washington, Kentucky, on Wednesday afternoon. He parked his car on the north side of the bridge, got out of his car, and shot himself, Bullit County Sheriff Donnie Tinnell said in a news conference. Johnson’s body was found on the bank of the river.




Johnson’s suicide came two days after The Kentucky Center For Investigative Reporting published an expose’ that alleged sexual misconduct by Johnson. According to the story, Johnson woke his daughter’s 17-year old friend up during a sleepover early on January 1, 2013, and kissed and groped her. When the report was released, lawmakers from both parties called for Johnson’s immediate resignation. Johnson denied the allegations on Tuesday, one day before his suicide.




“I don’t want to blast this girl: I have a lot of compassion for her. I’m very sorrowful that she’s in this dark place in her life.” Johnson refused to resign at the news conference on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, shortly before taking his own life, Johnson posted what many believe was a suicide not to his Facebook page.




“The accusations from NPR are false GOD and only GOD knows the truth, nothing is the way they make it out to be. AMERICA will not survive this type of judge and jury fake news. Conservatives take a stand. I LOVE GOD and I LOVE MY WIFE, who is the best WIFE in the world, My Love Forever! My Mom and Dad my FAMILY and all five of my kids and Nine grandchildren two in tummies and many more to come each of you or a total gift from GOD stay strong. REBECCA needs YOU. 9-11 2001 NYC/WTC, PTSD24/7 16 years is a sickness that will take my life, I cannot handle it any longer. IT Has Won This Life. BUT HEAVEN IS MY HOME. PLEASE LISTEN CLOSELY, Only Three things I ask of you to do, if you love me is (1)blame no person, Satan is the accuser, so blame the devil himself. (2) Forgive and love everyone especially yourself. (3) most importantly LOVE GOD. P.S. I LOVE MY FRIENDS YOU ARE MY FAMILY! GOD LOVES ALL PEOPLE NO MATTER WHAT!”




Sheriffs say one of Johnson’s Facebook friends saw the message and notified them. Sheriffs then tracked Johnson’s cell phone to the river, where they discovered his dead body.