Cyntoia Brown, whose case and conviction had gained national interest over the past few years, was released from prison on Wednesday morning according to the Department Of Corrections. Cyntoia Brown, now 31-years old, was tried as an adult and convicted of first-degree murder in 2006 at the age of 16. She was sentenced to life in prison.




Ms. Brown’s case was a little more complicated than it looked on paper though. According to a report in The New York Times (@NYTimes), Cyntoia Brown was placed into adoption as a child. She ran away from her adoptive family at the age of 16. She ended up living in a motel with a pimp, who raped her and forced her into a life of prostitution at 16-years old, according to official court documents. In 2004, Johnny M. Allen, 43, a real estate broker, picked up Brown at a restaurant in Nashville. The two agreed to engage in sexual activity for an agreed upon price of $150. Mr. Allen drove Ms. Brown back to his home after the two parties agreed to the terms. Ms. Brown testified that at one point while they were in the bedroom, she thought Mr. Allen was reaching for a gun to kill her. According to court documents, at some point, Ms. Brown shot Mr. Allen while he was asleep with a gun she had in her purse. Court documents stated that Ms. Brown took money and two guns from the home before she fled the scene. At 16-years old, Cyntoia Brown was tried as an adult and convicted of first-degree murder and aggravated robbery. She was sentenced to life in prison and would not have been eligible for parole until 2055.



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In January, after wide reporting of her case and much media attention, spear-headed by celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Tennessee’s Governor at the time, Bill Haslem, granted clemency to Ms. Brown after being locked up for more than 15-years. Her release date was set for August 7th 2019. Her life sentence was commuted to 15-years in prison, which she had already served, dating back to the time she was originally arrested. Ms. Brown was described by other prisoners and guards alike as a “model prisoner” during her time behind bars. She earned her G.E.D and an Associates Degree with a 4.0 grade-point average. And she has already started working on obtaining her bachelor’s degree. The Department Of Corrections said that Ms. Brown will be on parole until  August 7th, 2029.



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Former Governor Haslem admitted Imposing a life sentence on a juvenile offender was excessive. Haslem said Brown admitted to “committing a horrific crime at the age of 16”, but added “Yet imposing a life sentence on a juvenile that would require her to serve at least 51 years before even being eligible for parole is too harsh, especially in light of the extraordinary steps Ms. Brown has taken to rebuild her life.” Haslem said.







I can confidently say that I have finally reached the age where I can officially say “Now I’ve heard it all.” Police in Loretto, TN are warning residents against flushing their drugs down the toilet. Most importantly….meth. According to the Loretto Police Department, doing so could lead to the creation of “meth gators” and stoned waterfowl.



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“We shudder to think what one all hyped up on meth would do.” Was part of a statement released on the department’s Facebook page when asked about ducks and geese getting their hands….I mean bills on some meth after a resident flushed their drugs down the toilet and the drugs ended up making its way down the toilet pipes to local retention ponds, according to an article posted by AP News (@apoddities). The department added “we could create meth-gators” if the drugs should happen to flow a little further downstream to the Tennessee River in north Alabama.




On a serious note, health officials have reportedly warned that drugs and other pharmaceuticals could eventually reach the drinking water supply. So, if you care about the environment….try not to flush your stash down the toilet when the police raid. Maybe you could try to hurry up and smoke it all as the police are kicking in your front door instead. Hope you got some extra strong lungs and some strong padlocks on that door, if that’s the option you decide to take.






A Nashville man has been charged with domestic assault after someone unplugged his PlayStation according to police reports. The man was identified as Joshua Stone of Nashville. It’s unclear if the victim was a spouse or a friend.




WSMV Nashville (@wsmv) reported, police say Stone got into an argument with the victim while playing the video game. Stone told police the woman unplugged his PlayStation, so he bodyslammed her. The unidentified woman suffered injuries to her head. There were no reports of the severity of the victim’s injuries. No report on bail amount as of yet.






Who signed off on this? That is the question I need the answer to. What rational thinking judge found a legitimate reason to grant a person who killed four people and injured four others in a Waffle House just two days ago, a bond? I’ve been held without bond on drug charges. What reason did the judge who granted shooting suspect, Travis Reinking have for granting an alleged premeditated murderer a bond? Granted, the bond was $2 million, which seems like a number most people don’t have the means to come up with…..on the surface. But remember, to pay your bond, you only need to come up with 10% of the total bond in cash. Some states may or may not have this rule, but Tennessee is definitely one of those states where paying 10% cash of your total bond will get you out of jail. So, to get accused murderer of four people, Travis Reinking out of jail, his family would’ve only needed to come up with $200,000 cash. Reinking would’ve easily made this bond. I say this, only, because I’ve seen this type of thing firsthand over the last few years. A person who commits a horrible crime, somehow manages to garner a sympathetic “fan base.” When the family of the person who committed said horrible crime creates a GOFundMe or any other type of donation page, they usually get a humongous amount of donations from people who support the accused and his actions…..for whatever their reasons may be. I’m more than certain that Travis Reinking would have made a $200,000 bail in less than a week’s time. That’s if he doesn’t already have family or friends who were able to come up with 200k in cash or property. Taking all of this into consideration, you can see why there was public outcry over a judge granting this man a bond. But it still doesn’t answer two very important questions. Who was the judge that granted this man a bond? And, what was this judge’s justification for granting a man alleged to have murdered four people a bond?




CBS News (@CBSNews) reports, a judge has revoked the $2 million bond that had been set for Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking, prosecutors confirmed to CBS affiliate WTVF. The move came after community outcry over the bond set Monday for the suspect, who is accused of killing four people and wounding four others in a shooting rampage at the Nashville-area restaurant early Sunday morning.




Reinking, 29, was taken into custody Monday after a citizen tip, ending a 24-hour manhunt involving more than 160 law enforcement officers. Reinking was arrested in a wooded area not far from his apartment complex and the crime scene.