Roy Moore walked (better yet, rode) right into that headline didn’t he? I know every blog and newspaper has probably used this headline for this story already, but I just couldn’t resist. Roy Moore rode in to the polls on his horse Sally yesterday to vote, beaming with pride, arrogance, and false bravado. He was confident that the Alabama special election was his. He was confident that getting elected to the U.S. Senate was going to be a walk in the park, the actual election was just a formality. Roy Moore was confident that ignorance, racism, and a lack of morality disguised as “Christianity” reigned supreme in his home State of Alabama. What Roy Moore didn’t plan for, was the power of black women, minorities, and decent people of Alabama turning out to vote against him in record-breaking numbers.




Make no mistake about it, this will go down in history as one of the biggest political upsets in history. Alabama is a Republican State. Scratch that. Alabama is a heavy Republican State. It’s been 25 years since the State elected a Democrat to represent its people in the United States Senate. This was not supposed to happen. I kept my eyes on the election results as the early numbers were coming in. It was close. Very close. By the time the tabulations got up to around 40% or so, Roy Moore had taken what was looking like a commanding lead. I won’t lie. At that point, I thought it was over. I turned the television to the basketball game as I cursed the people of Alabama for voting party instead of common sense and morality. A little while later, I hopped on Twitter and the first tweet I saw was a guy tweeting “why are people celebrating just because Doug Jones barely won? An election against an accused pedophile should never have been that close in the first place.” The only part of the tweet I initially paid any attention to was “Doug Jones won.” Doug Jones won? Seriously? I rushed to change the channel back to CNN, and yup, the guy on Twitter was right. Doug Jones had pulled off the unthinkable. A Democrat winning a Senate seat in Alabama. Alabama? Probably the reddest of red states on the entire map. If Alabama can be taken by a Democrat, that means that every Senate seat that’s up for re-election in 2018 is in jeopardy of being flipped in the Democrat’s direction. This was not supposed to happen in Alabama. Jeff Sessions held the Alabama Senate seat before Donald Trump decided to put him in charge of the Justice Department. By the way, Republicans would still have that seat if Donald Trump wouldn’t have made the ridiculous move. But, my point is, Jeff Sessions is a man who was known to have racist ways and tendencies. He won Alabama easily. In Alabama, it wasn’t supposed to matter if you were racist or an alleged pedophile. In Alabama, the only thing that was supposed to matter was that you were Republican. That thought is the exact thing that Donald Trump pushed to the people of Alabama when he decided to endorse Roy Moore. “Vote Roy Moore because we can’t afford to have a liberal Democrat in Alabama’s Senate seat!” Was what he said.  Forget the fact that he’s an accused child molester. Vote Roy Moore simply because he is Republican. Some listened to the message Trump. But obviously, more didn’t. Trump was the reason this race was even close in the first place. Normally, most people wouldn’t pay much attention to a special election. Democrats could never find a way to make people see how important a Senate seat was. They probably still have not figured out how to show people how important these elections are. But Donald Trump did. Just by speaking about it. By backing Roy Moore in this election, Donald Trump brought out people to vote who were probably not even thinking about voting. That would be a good thing if the votes you brought out, weren’t going directly against the person you endorsed! Even still, the blame for this huge “L” does not go to Donald Trump. The blame for this Republican “L” down in Alabama gets placed squarely on the shoulders of one man…….STEVE BANNON.




I’ve watched Steve Bannon move over the months since his name has become a recognizable one in the political sphere. Three things I’ve noticed. 1) Steve Bannon has some very wealthy people backing him. 2) The people backing him has a clear plan and agenda. 3) Donald trump and the old school Republicans are not part of that plan or agenda. In short, the Bannon wing of the “Republican” party is, and has been plotting a coup of the Republican party since day one. Trump is not part of that coup. Honestly, I think Trump already did what the “Bannonites” needed him to do. That was to get idiots to follow him and believe whatever he said. I believe that Bannon and his backers knew that it wasn’t about the messenger, the important thing was the message! And the Bannon message was being heard loud and clear, and accepted by many. “If it ain’t white, it ain’t right!” Bannon & company were slowly working their plan. This is a slow con. Everyone knows that the slow con can take years before anyone can even see what the con was. The Bannon & company con was moving in the right direction…..slowly and steadily. Then Bannon lost his job in the White House. At that point, pride took over. Bannon attempted to speed up the plan of the coup against old school Republicans. Simply because his feelings had been hurt. Bannon showed his hand……much too early. He made it clear that he was out to get the old school Republicans. He also made it clear that he was out to get Donald Trump, even though Donald Trump and his followers are too blind to see it. This was why Steve Bannon backed Roy Moore in Alabama when Trump backed Republican candidate Luther Strange. Bannon was out to show Trump and the Republicans who really had the power in the Republican party. Trump couldn’t see this. He still can’t see it. Why else would Bannon purposely go against the candidate Trump decided to endorse? When Roy Moore beat Luther Strange down in Alabama, the shift in power was felt all the way back in Washington D.C. Republicans that had an inch of sense could see that Steve Bannon was gunning for them. But Republicans are cowards. Instead of mounting a fight, they hoped to get in Bannon’s good graces before he inevitably became “King Of The Republican Castle.” It was what got Republicans to back accused child molester, Roy Moore. FEAR. After the Moore victory over Luther Strange, Bannon was looked at as “the magician.” He did the unthinkable. Bannon was now the Golden Child. Roy Moore was supposed to win Alabama, and Steve Bannon’s legend was supposed to grow. Instead, he’s been exposed for what he really is. He’s not a political genius. Steve Bannon is no more than a racist, alleged former “meth-head”, running around here voicing his racist views and ways. That’s it. The man has no power. There are more good people in the world, than there are racist, rapist, and deplorables. If you don’t believe me, go check the results of last night’s Alabama special election again. The “legend” of Steve Bannon was a myth. Now old school Republicans know it. There is no more fear of Steve Bannon. If his candidate can’t win a red state like Alabama, what power and following does Steve Bannon really have? Alabama was supposed to be a breeze, and he couldn’t bring out enough racist and rapist in Alabama to put his candidate over the top? Bannon is done. The fear of going up against the Bannonites is gone. Republicans will probably find their balls now, and try to fake it like those balls were always present. A Republican candidate lost last night’s special election, but old school Republicans in the House and Senate won big time…….for now. Democrats are coming for those seats in 2018, and they’re probably going to get them too. A new day is coming. Ironically, Bannon is the one that turned the tides with his arrogance and lack of knowledge in how politics really work. But the saviors of our great Country, no doubt were the people of Alabama, and more specifically, black women in Alabama, who 97% voted Doug Jones! GOOD WORK ALABAMA! YOU ARE NOT DEPLORABLES!